WYSKT Facial Bar


Klarenz Balonzo

Registered Nurse

Certified Medical Skincare Therapist

My name is Klare and I have been a registered nurse for 6 years. My passion for skincare has led me to become a
Medical Skincare Therapist. After which, I established
Wyskt Facial Bar in November 2019. Here I cultivate a
zen atmosphere so that my clients can have the most
relaxing treatment. It brings me joy when my clients can
leave with glowing skin and are completely satisfied.

I use my medical expertise to ensure all my products and equipment are medical grade and backed by extensive research and science. This allows me to provide my clients with the best care possible.
I love forming relationships with my clients, with the goal of achieving their best skin possible. Let me be your personal skincare nurse and I will attend to your skin’s needs. Let’s put your best face forward. Tell me your skincare goals, and we can make it happen.
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What does WYSKT Stand for?


Why did I choose this name? 

I find that some clients self-diagnose their skin type. From this self-diagnosis they buy incorrect products for their skin, leading to poor skin conditions! 

‘What’s your skin type?’ is a fundamental question I ask during skin consultations. 

This is also the first step for the dialogue for client education. I highly value client education and at the same time value my client’s knowledge. My clients nowadays are well-informed and I love that! 

During the past few years there has been a shift in the beauty industry. Before it was all about makeup and now it’s “skin first and makeup second.” Although, I find that there is still a gap between professional and consumer knowledge. So, I am here to fill in those gaps! 

I am here to: Analyze your skin, help treat any skin conditions you may have and also educate you about your skin type. Further guiding you to choose correct products and treatments that will actually benefit your skin.