WYSKT Facial Bar

Body Treatments

Peach Perfect Booty Facial - $160

Sun’s out, buns out! Get your booty ready for bikini season. Facial, massage, cupping, hydrojelly masks and more. Name it and you got it in this treatment. This treatment provides the ultimate pampering for your booty. 

Acne Clearing Booty Facial - $150

Yes, sometimes we get acne on our other cheeks. Get this facial for your buns.

Argireline Contour and Lift Booty Facial - $150

Get the argireline firming and collagen-boosting effects on your booty. Say bye-bye to cellulite.

Hydrabrasion (Booty) - $170

If previous booty acne left spots on buns, our hydrodermabrasion (booty edition) will even out that skin tone. 

Acne Clearing Back Facial - $160

As if regular acne wasn’t enough, some of us have to deal with ‘back-ne’ too. This treatment will target back acne and help reduce inflammation so you can get that sexy back.  

Deep Cleansing Back Facial - $160

Our back needs a deep cleansing facial too! 

Chemical Peel (Back) - $160

Take care of hyperpigmentation, acne, dull and uneven skin tone with our chemical peel treatment for your back.

Hydrabrasion (Back) - $160

Reduce hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dull and uneven skin tone with our hydrodermabrasion treatment which utilizes a diamond tip to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. 

Hydrabrasion + Lactic and Pumpkin Peel (Back) - $190

This is our hydrodermabrasion treatment with a gentle peel for that ultimate skin resurfacing treatment!