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Natural Volcanic Stone Face Oil Remover - $35

natural volcanic stone ball


VALL’s A natural volcanic stone ball made of ceramic that contains millions of porous pores.

It makes your skin soft by instantly absorbing waste, sebum, and oil from the skin into the pores. It helps to absorb the moisture or maskne created when wearing a face mask.

Made of 100% natural ingredients and includes functions such as absorbing water and oil, 92.4% far-infrared emission, higher than 96% deodorization rate, 99.9% antibacterialization, and it passed skin irritation tests.

The volcanic stone ball in VALL have been certified as antibacterial and deodorizing, and tested for skin irritation. A must-have item to protect your skin and make it shine-free.

Makeup stays all day! Bye-bye excess oil and sebum!
Use before applying makeup, as it improves makeup application and helps your make up last longer by removing excess oil and sebum from your pores that did not get removed after cleansing.

Rubbing the ball creates frictional heat and widens the skin’s pores to help absorb sebum from the pores.