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Wyskt Facial Bar is a medical spa established in November 2019 by Klare Balonzo, a Registered Nurse for 7 years. Her passion for skincare led her to becoming a Medical Skincare Therapist and ultimately the birth of Wyskt. Now having served over 1000+ happy clients she continues to do what she does best - cultivating a relaxing and zen environment for clients while they receive specialized skincare treatments. Nothing makes her happier than clients leaving completely satisfied with bright, glowing skin.

Meet Klare

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What's Your SKin Type?

Klare found clients were self-diagnosing their skin type. From this self-diagnosis they were buying incorrect products for their skin, leading to poor skin conditions!

'What's your skin type?' is a fundamental question we ask clients during skin consultations.

It allows us to create dialogue for client education. We highly value client education and at the same time value our clients' knowledge. Our clients nowadays are well-informed and we love that!

During the past few years there has been a shift in the beauty industry. Before it was all about makeup and now it's "skin first and makeup second.” Although, we find that there is still a gap between professional and consumer knowledge. We're here to fill in those gaps!

At Wyskt Facial Bar we're here to: Analyze your skin, help treat any skin conditions you may have, and also educate you about your skin type. Further guiding you to choose correct products and treatments that will actually benefit your skin.

What does WYSKT stand for?

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