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The Benefits of a Platelet Rich Plasma Vampire Facial

Registered Nurse and Certified Medical Skin Care Therapist, Klare Balonzo shares how this blood-based treatment can rejuvenate your skin.

You may have seen Instagram photos of beauty content creators and celebrity faces coated in red fluid. What could be mistaken for a tomato juice facial is actually a skin care treatment dubbed the "Vampire Facial." Technically the treatment consists of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. 

prp tube

Essentially, a mask is made out of a component of your very own blood. That’s right, this treatment doesn’t use any other ingredients and is incredibly natural and organic. It’s your vital fluid, spread across your face to revitalize skin texture. PRP treatments have become increasingly sought after by people wanting an alternative to dermal fillers to plump their skin. Let’s explore why this treatment is trending.

What exactly is PRP?

Used to boost healing by forcing platelets into the damaged area, PRP treatments began as an orthopedic procedure decades ago. Platelets are important for clotting, which stimulates enzymes that help heal and play a role in tissue regeneration.

When a vial of blood is placed into a centrifuge, it separates into three layers: Plasma on top, platelets and blood cells in the middle, and red blood cells at the bottom. PRP is derived from the center part, also known as the serum portion.

Getting PRP ready at Wyskt Facial Bar

The platelets, in particular, contain pockets called alpha granules, which secrete high levels of growth factors. These platelets have been shown to be effective for wound healing, as well as improving skin elasticity, texture and volume. When the plasma is reintroduced to skin, cell turnover is stimulated, which ramps up collagen and elastin production, for a smoother, plumper and tighter complexion.

If you’re apprehensive when it comes to this technique, read on because it boasts impressive, and virtually painless results. We’re going to walk through the steps of a Vampire Facial and what to expect immediately after and long-term.

What happens during your Vampire Facial? 

When you first arrive at your appointment, Klare ensures you’re comfortable and settled in her peaceful and relaxing studio space. The first step in the process is to draw a small amount of blood from your arm for the treatment. Klare draws one tube, for a total of 11 ml of blood, about two teaspoons. It's quick and usually just one poke. Klare’s background in nursing means that she is great with bloodwork. She’s a seasoned emergency department and critical care nurse, so you know you’re in good hands!


You then receive topical numbing 15 to 20 minutes prior to the microneedling. This ensures the application of your plasma is virtually painless. During your numbing time, the 11ml blood vial is spun in a centrifuge for a few moments to separate the components. Once the platelet rich plasma has been isolated, the treatment is ready to start.

Microneedling to stimulate collagen production.

With very fine, short needles, Klare’s microneedling device punctures the top layer—the epidermis—to the dermis. These small pinprick wounds encourage the skin to produce collagen-rich tissue, leading to skin tissue that is generally more even in texture and tone. 

Stimulating collagen production is necessary as we tend to lose collagen over time, through sun damage and age. Creating new collagen leads to firmer, smoother, tighter and more even skin. The microneedling pen that Klare uses can go as deep as two millimeters which is ideal for maximum treatment benefits. 

The PRP aspect of this procedure activates the stem cells that lie dormant in the skin on the face through certain growth factors found in the platelets. New cell development is encouraged and cell growth is stimulated. The plasma injection tricks your body into thinking it’s been mildly injured, which stimulates the release of stem cells. These stem cells get to work creating new, fresh tissue that is full of new blood vessels, collagen and cells. This all leads to a younger and fresher overall look.

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The microneedling portion takes about 20 minutes on average to complete. Klare will often go back in to perform additional microneedling stamping on areas of concern for her clients. If a client has deeper acne scars, they may get additional stamping after the standard three passes of the microneedling pen. 

Less downtime that you’d imagine.

Recovery might take a day or two before you're ready to return to your regular routine and be out and about in the city. You will likely come out of your treatment a bit red, similar to the look of a sunburn. Post-procedure sunscreen is highly recommended and makeup is discouraged for a few days.

Clients always receive samples of a medical-grade gentle cleanser, collagen and moisturizer. Klare highly recommends these products to guarantee the best results

prp products

Who can benefit from a Vampire Facial?

Vampire Facials are amazing for every skin type because the treatment targets a lot of different skin concerns. PRP works to:

  • Correct the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Tightens loose and sagging skin.

  • Improves uneven texture and uneven skin tone.

  • Aids with the look of sunspots.

  • Helps with the appearance of trauma and acne scarring. 

Studies also show that collagen production is increased by 400% six-months to a year after microneedling. It's also a good maintenance and preventative treatment. 

PRP can also be used for hair loss and and can be injected directly on the under eye area to reduce dark circles and wrinkles.

For those with sensitive skin, Vampire Facials are a safer choice. Because the Vampire Facial uses your own blood, stimulates new tissue and cell growth, and requires no invasive procedures or resurfacing, it’s a better choice for clients with sensitive skin or those concerned about reacting to synthetic fillers.

PRP facial client

Who should abstain from a Vampire Facial?

The only people that need to refrain from this treatment are anyone who is pregnant and breastfeeding, or those who are prone to keloid scarring. If you have a history of blood diseases, including clotting or bleeding disorders, you should avoid PRP treatments. If you are currently on, or plan to be on Accutane, you should also steer clear of microneedling for now.

Wrapping up the glowing results.

For the absolute best results, Klare usually recommends three to five treatments, four to six weeks apart. As mentioned, it’s also ideal to be using medical-grade skin care to enhance and maintain the best results possible. With proper skin maintenance, combined with high-grade skin care products, the results from a PRP Vampire Facial can last up to two years with a visible reduction in concerns. 

You can book a single Platelet Rich Plasma Vampire Facial today, or opt for a package of treatments. Klare offers packages of three treatments for $1647 which save you $150, or five treatments for $2745 which saves you $250.

Another package that combines several treatment types for the ultimate in anti-aging is Klare’s Turn Back the Clock package. This package includes three Vampire Collagen Facials, three PRP microneedling treatments and 40 units of anti-wrinkle injectable. The package price for all seven treatments is $2077, with a savings of $367. 

An additional perk that comes with purchasing a package, is that you receive 15% off the medical-grade products Klare sells at WYSKT Facial Bar.

Published April 21, 2022. Written by WYSKT Team Member Robin